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vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Adelaide Cabaret Festival , Mojo Juju, Bar la Féline, Paris

A chaque voyage, un son particulier, une atmosphère... C'est ce que recherche à chaque fois! Etre dans les pas de ces habitants. Donc ils m'avaient tous dit mais pourquoi aller à Adelaide (Australia)? 

There's nothing in Adelaide my cousin told me. Go to Melbourn instead! I asked a guy in a pub in Manly (Sydney) what would he recommend in Adelaide. He looked at me like i was a weirdo and said but why?
So there I was on my own for two days before going to the Great Ocean Road!

I was walking back to my youth hostel  when i looked at a girl who looked exactly like Alice in wonderland except she was south corean, wearing a  badge around her neck... I asked her what it was and why she was running. She told me but The Adelaide Cabaret festival of course! Come with me she said you'll see it's fun! Why not? I had nothing to lose!

The guy I met that night had the best shoes ever It came directly from Melbourn, he told me!

I met great people there but most of all i discovered Mojo Juju! 

Mojo Juju a man? a woman? who cares?! Just good old vibes from the prohibition times! Let's rock!


On the 25th of October, Australia is coming to Paris, Le Bar la Féline (6 rue Victor Talle 75020) Ménilmontant 


Let's be desire...!!!!!

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